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~ Violin making/ Bow making ~
~ Maintainance and Repair
Maintainance and Repair Maintainance and Repair Maintainance and Repair
The workshop offers a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of your violin, viola or cello ( cleaning, improving tonal qualities, fingerboard planing, bridge, pegs adjustment, gluing of edges, varnish retouching...).

I am fully available to define with you the exact nature of your needs and make the necessary modifications in order to bring out the best in your instrument according to your preferences in terms of tone and playability.

~ Restoration
Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration
The restoration of a damaged instrument must preserve its acoustic qualities while at the same time respecting its historical and esthetically authenticity.

Different solutions should be considered and analyzed to meticulously adapt the method to each case, using both traditional know-how as well as new techniques.

~ Bow repair
Bow repair
The bow has a major role in the tonal quality of your instrument. Regular maintenance is consequently very important.

I offer services for bow rehiring as well as current repair maintenance (nut, screw, tip plate, mother of pearl...). For more significant reairs and restoration of bows, I collaborate with the workshop of Arthur Dubrocat in Paris.

When rehairing, I mainly use white hair, which is rigorously chosen to guarantee the quality control. However, grey or black hair is also available for double bass bows.

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